10 dog-friendly beaches

Before you go to the beach with your cute pet, check if you can take your dog there. It may cost you a penalty of up to 75 pounds, because unfortunately most beaches in England prohibit romping in the water with dogs from May to the end of September. You can’t even walk on the beach with them. On some beaches, you can keep them on a leash. However, there are places by the sea where dogs can go all year round.

Here are my ten dog-friendly beaches

Abbot’s Cliff beach – not easy to find. The shoreline is jagged with rocks and you won’t find white sand there, only gravel and pebbles. The easiest way to get there is from Samphire Hoe, but at high tide the road is cut off. The second route is quite a demanding steep cliff path from Capel-le-Ferne. You have to be very careful not to fall off the cliff. In addition, Abbot’s Cliff is very popular among nudists, so don’t be surprised to see naked people parading there.

2. Lydden Spout – Another secluded beach located under the famous white cliffs of Dover. The beach is mainly pebbly, but at low tide you can find several patches of sand between the rock lakes. As in the neighboring Abbot’s Cliff, there is a risk of the rock falling off the cliff wall, so it is recommended to sit away from the cliffs.

3. Dumpton Gap is a nice little beach! The sandy bay stretches for about 150 meters and is supported by a wide promenade that meanders along the coast as far as Louisa Bay. From the other side, the beach connects to Ramsgate. There are many amenities here, including beach huts, nearby cafes and toilets.

4. Dungeness Beach is located on the edge of the flat and gloomy landscape of the Romney Marsh. The only attractions for the eyes are two lanterns and the Dungeness nuclear power plant. It is one of the most peculiar places in England, like a desert, but with a great wealth of species of fauna and flora.

5. Fulsam Rock – beach in Margate, there is basically nothing interesting here. Sand appears during low tide.

6. Hampton Pier – on the west side of the pier. The surface is gravelly mud, only during low tide sand fragments emerge. From the beach there is a view of the Thames estuary to the sea. There are public toilets and a recreation area near the pier, ideal for a picnic.

7. Whitstable’s West Beach is a private beach owned by the Oyster Company, but open to the public. It is a long beach running south of the city port to the neighboring Seasalter, about a mile away. There are beach huts, houses with side boards, fishing boats and a nice Neptune pub. Everything you would expect on an English beach.

8. Reculver Beach – located near the famous towers, guarantees beautiful views all year round. Parking is paid there, but there is a children’s square and a nice pub nearby. And of course the ruins of a former Roman fort. This is probably my favourite beach for dogs.




9. Walmer Beach – This is a calmer continuation of Deal Beach in the north. Behind it is the 16th-century Walmer Castle, one of Henry VIII’s coastal defense facilities. The castle is currently owned by English Heritage.

10. Kingsgate Bay – a sandy cove protected by white chalk cliffs. The beach is best known for its sea caves. It is very popular among families with children, but be careful because there are no lifeguards. Nearby is Kingsgate Castle, built in the 18th century by Lord Holland. On the other side, the same lord had a child-friendly pub Captain Digby.

If you know other dog-friendly beaches in Kent, please share them with me.

Please share with me what you think.

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