Castle in Rochester

In the south-east of England, in the town of Rochester an amazing castle with a high tower was built in Norman times, in a strategic place on the crossing of the River Medway, way from Europe to London. Walls of the castle were 3-5 meters thick.  Only ruins have survived to the present times, but you can also see how impressive the fortress was.

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The name Rochester comes from Old English, and loosely translates that it is a fort / bridge over the river.

The first mention of this place comes from the Romans, who in 43rd defeated  local people fiercely defending the ford on the river. The castle was built by Bishop of Rochester around 1090, using stones from a former Roman fort. In 1215, the fortress became a stronghold of rebels against King John, who besieged the castle for two months, eventually set fire to it using fat from forty killed pigs. In year 2015 was  the 800th anniversary of this event and on October 24  the reconstruction of the battle was reenacted.


The tower, which has been largely preserved, is the highest in the country, with 35 m high. The view from above is amazing, on the river, on the cathedral and on the bridge in Rochester.


From the 17th century, the castle was neglected, the tower burned down, and a warehouse of building materials was organized in the courtyard. In the nineteenth century, the city of Rochester arranged a city park there, and in the early 20th century, the fortress came into possession of the English Heritage organization, which looks after ancient monuments in England.

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You can enter the courtyard from the river side, steep stairs, protected by an impressive cannon, or from the city side, where the defensive walls look the most magnificent. Entrance to the courtyard is free, you can take a walk, sit on a bench in the shade of chestnut, or admire the views of the river or the majestic medieval cathedral. If we want to climb to the top of the tower entrance costs 6.20 pounds from an adult, 3.90 from a child, a family ticket costs 16.20. Entry is free for English Heritage members.

Castle Address
Rochester Castle, The Keep, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1SW

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