Together with my teenage daughter, we love to discover new cafes, tea rooms that either delight us or criticize them. And just yesterday during a visit to the orthopedist in Sevenoaks we went to lunch in a tiny, independent cafe called Eat and Mess. We liked the interior very much, it was tastefully decorated and cozy.
Unfortunately, we could not try the dishes on the menu, except the cakes, because the food is served only until 3, and we were there around 4. Of course, we took advantage of the opportunity to taste a cake and a cup of coffee.
Olivia ordered a banana bread and I ordered a carrot cake with peanuts.


eat & mess (10)eat & mess (11)

eat & mess (9)

I’m not Mary Berry, but they were some of the best cakes I’ve ever had. Light, soft consistency, the dough melted in your mouth, as well as on the plate, which can be seen in the attached photo. New to me was sesame as a topping of banana bread, but because I love sesame, it suited me perfectly. Olivia and I promised ourselves that the next visit to the orthodontist we would return to the cafe for mushroom soup, which we saw on the menu with a slice of sourdough bread baked on the spot.

eat & mess (1)eat & mess (5)eat & mess (6)



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