Nucleus – oasis in Chatham


Chatham, a small town in the south-east of England is not known for its culinary palate or artistic activities, but in this culinary desert an oasis appeared, as they called themselves on their website, in the form of a cafe named Nucleus. Founded by people with artistic souls, it brings together a cultural center, restaurant, cafe and bar in one. Serves dishes known around the world freshly made from local products.

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The name “Nucleus” was chosen to reflect the purpose of the place, as a creative center, for residents with similarly sophisticated tastes from nearby towns. It is an innovative place, offering space for meetings of artistic minds and culinary connoisseurs: there you can watch modern art with a glass of delicious wine from local vineyards, you can drink freshly brewed aromatic coffee while listening to the recitation of local poets, but above all you can eat well.


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Nucleus specialises mainly in lighter dishes and starters, intended for an English lunch: these are soups, sandwiches, salads, toasts, various types of casseroles, but there you can also try a delicious burger or  steak.


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Most of the products are bought from local suppliers and farms in Kent and other surrounding counties, so that food is not transported long and does not lose quality, and that way Nucleus contributes to support the local economy.

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Nucleus is a cozy cafe, with a European atmosphere, with French, Italian dishes. It has a truly Mediterranean terrace, surrounded by palm trees, heated by fireplaces on cold days. The staff is always well-informed, friendly and can help with both food and art. Nucleus is for me and my friends a place where we can share our life thoughts and indulge a delicious brie baguette.

Menu Nucleus art website

Tel – 01634 406971

Nucleus Arts Center, 272 High Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BP


3 thoughts on “Nucleus – oasis in Chatham

  1. Urocze, przytulne miejsce. Jak dobrze, że masz takie,gdzie możesz się spotkac z przyjaciółkami,porozmawiac,napic kawy.Bardzo lubię takie małe, lokalne lokale.Mają swoją historię, wystrój i klimat.
    Chyba można tam uciec przed światem,wyciszyc się i odpocząc.

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